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Party Entertainment Services with Party DJ Lisa Kellogg offer an exceptional way to make your special occasion truly memorable. From Dance Parties to Birthday Parties, Rock Star Parties, Family Celebrations, and Team Building Events Lisa Kellogg loves sharing her passion for music and dance!

Lisa Kellogg uniquely designs each event, considering the type of party or celebration, age, guest count, theme, location, and duration of each event with excitement and loving care.
Get ready to groove with Lisa’s dynamic dance steps, follow-along dance routines, group line dances, and freestyle moves, set to a wide range of music from popular pop to hip-hop.
Every Dance Party package includes a professional sound system, microphone, and an extensive musical selection. Plus Lisa can add more excitement with musical games, interactive activities, hula hoops, limbo, bubbles and vibrant lighting. Whether it’s a Happy Birthday Party, Everybody Dance Party, Family Gathering, or any type event, Lisa Kellogg loves creating unforgettable Party experiences!

Birthday Parties & Entertainment Kids & Teens
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28 Jan Rock Star Parties, Birthday Parties, Dance Parties and Interactive Entertainment

Rock Star Parties, Birthday Parties, Dance Parties and Interactive Entertainment: A World of Dance and delight with Lisa Kellogg.  Dance Parties for all ages and for all occasions!

Lisa Kellogg is a versatile Entertainer, seamlessly integrating her skills as a Dancer, Party DJ, MC, Entertainer, and Choreographer. Her passion and expertise converge to create not just events but heartfelt experiences treasured by all who attend.

Step into a world where Dreams and Dance unite.  Prepare to turn your next Dance Party, Birthday Celebration, or Family Gathering into a vibrant Rock Star Event filled with dance, joy, laughter, and shinning Rock Star moments, that will be cherished forever.

Custom tailored Birthday Bashes Sparkling with Magic and Celebration just right for the Birthday Rock Star boy or girl.  Lisa Kellogg loves creating beautiful, enduring memories that resonate with guests of all ages. Every child deserves a Birthday Bash that radiates magic, laughter, and the joy of being the center of attention. Lisa Kellogg specializes in bringing these dreams to life, ensuring that each Birthday Party or Special Event is as unique and remarkable as the child it celebrates.

Dance themed Birthday Parties are a delight for Kids of all ages. From the rhythms of Hip-Hop to Pop Lisa creates an electrifying dance arena for children to express themselves with energy and excitement.

Plan your next celebration with Lisa Kellogg and step into a dynamic world of dance, joy, and unforgettable celebrations.  Lisa Kellogg loves sharing her passion for music and dance to create wonderful heartwarming Rock Star Birthday Parties for Kids of all ages.