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In-Studio Hip Hop Dance

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Hip Hop Dance Classes
Kids - Teens - Adults


12:00pm - Outside

6:00pm - In-Studio

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12:30pm - In-Studio

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1:00pm - Outside

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Kids - Teens - Adults

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Santa Monica Hip Hop Dance

709 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90291

Hip Hop Dance Classes
Kids - Teens - Adults


    • All dance classes are one hour. Wear comfortable clothing and tennis shoes.
    • Intro Level – Learn the basics of Hip Hop Dance, great for beginners, and for students returning to dance.
    • Open Level – Open to All students, All levels and All fun, time to get your groove on!


Hip Hop Dance Classes


Hip Hop Dance Classes are great for improving your fitness, coordination, stamina, flexibility, strength and well being. Hip Hop classes are more fun while listening to your favorite Hip Hop dance songs which will make your body feel healthy and happy. Taking dance classes a few times a week can increase your energy level, self-expression,  confidence and mental health. Dancing is a full body workout which will get you moving and grooving, increase your excitement for life and help you lose weight and get in shape.



Hip Hop Dance for Kids – Teens – Adults



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