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Birthday Party

Dance Parties, Birthday Celebrations, Party Entertainment and Family Fun with Lisa Kellogg - Party DJ – MC &  Choreographer
A World of Dance and Delight with Lisa Kellogg
Custom-Tailored Birthday Bashes.  Prepare to transform your next Dance Party, Birthday Celebration, or Family Gathering into an event brimming with Dance, Joy, laughter and unforgettable moments, all brought to life by Lisa Kellogg
Step into a realm where the dreams of every child come alive.  With a focus on creating more than just parties, Lisa is dedicated to weaving beautiful, lasting memories that resonate with every age group.
Bringing Imagination to Life
Every child deserves a birthday that sparkles with magic, laughter, and the joy of feeling celebrated. Lisa Kellogg excels in turning these dreams into reality, ensuring each birthday bash is as unique and special as the child at its heart.
Dance Parties for Every Age
What’s a celebration without dancing? Lisa’s Dance-themed Birthday Parties are a hit with kids of all ages. From Hip-Hop to Pop and Freestyle, she creates an electrifying dance floor where kids can freely express themselves, filled with energy and excitement.
Activities Overflowing with Fun and Laughter
Lisa’s Parties and Interactive Entertainment is engaging, playful and and exciting.  She skillfully organizes activities and games that captivate children and adults alike. As a host and an enthusiastic instructor, Lisa immerses herself in the fun, leading dances, games, and interactive activities that ensure everyone is up, dancing, playing and beaming with happiness.
Picture-Perfect Memories
With a keen eye for detail, Lisa sets up beautiful spaces perfect for capturing the day’s happiness, enthusiasm, and joy. These photo opportunities are crafted to catch every smile and moment of delight, preserving the magic of your celebration.
Lisa Kellogg: More than Just a Party Host
Lisa Kellogg brings a multifaceted approach to every event as a Party DJ, MC, Entertainer, and Choreographer. Her skills and passion in these areas come together to create parties that are not just events, but cherished experiences for all who attend. 
Plan your next event with Lisa Kellogg and step into a world of Dance, Joy, and celebration that you and your guests will remember for years to come.
Lisa Kellogg: Transforms Ordinary Events into Extraordinary Experiences!