Dance Parties for Kids

Birthday Party Entertainment by Lisa Kellogg – Party DJ – MC & Choreographer

Plan your next Dance Party, Birthday Party and Celebration  to be filled with laughter, dance, and unforgettable moments with Lisa Kellogg

Step into a world where every child’s birthday dream turns into a dazzling reality with Lisa Kellogg. Lisa dedicates herself to crafting not just parties, but beautiful, lasting memories for kids, teens & adults.

Each Birthday Bash Tailored to Your Child

Bringing Imagination to Life. A child’s birthday is their day to shine, laugh, and feel celebrated.

Dance the Day Away with Lisa Kellogg

What’s a birthday without a little boogie? Dance-themed Birthday Parties are perfect for Kids of all ages. Whether it’s hip-hop, pop or freestyle, she creates an energetic dance floor for kids to express themselves. Engaging Activities and Joyful Laughter

Lisa’s Parties  & Interactive Entertainment are more than just beautiful; they are filled with FUN, JOY and laughter. Lisa organizes activities and games that are engaging and delightful for children of all ages. Lisa becomes part of the fun, leading dances, games, interactive activities that everyone can enjoy. As an enthusiastic instructor, Lisa leads parties that get everyone up dancing and smiling.

Picture-Perfect Moments: Lisa creates beautiful photo opportunities to capture the day’s happiness , enthusiasm and joy.



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